• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 04
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kewpie doll chrysallis (kangaroo valley)…

there’s a sensuality in the gum tree sap that oozes like fossilized amber;
weakening with the pulse of an unyielding southern sun.
in the kaleidoscope of butterflies appearing as unavoidable-
destinies you were never trying to avoid

you come to nature begging it to do some sort of work for you but “i am you”
it says—
organs of flight ready to engulf the eternal precipice,
whimsical sextets barely felt
pairs of antennae charge an invisible current…

i would have to spend longer and more time uninterrupted
in this cobalt hypnosis
to know its senseless urgency
as an ephemeral glow of infinite readiness

so for now i’ll stay a kewpie doll chrysalis with eyes
like topazes cut from a distant alarm
scanning fuzzy horizons