Visual Verse is a collaboration. An anthology of art, poetry, short fiction and non-fiction.

Each month we supply a compelling image and invite writers – published or unpublished – to submit a piece in response.

Visual Verse is a celebration. Of the drama of seeing and the desire to express it. Of the things that inspire us, move us, and that we find hardest to articulate.

Visual Verse is a challenge. We offer you the chance to experience the rush of writing without overthinking. Sometimes strange, sometimes beautiful, let the picture be the start of something you can’t predict: your own response.

Submission Guidelines

We release a new image on the 1st of each calendar month and accept submissions up until the 15th of the month. We will publish up to 100 writers over the course of the month. We are looking for quality writing, new ideas, innovative and challenging approaches.

Anyone, anywhere in the world, is welcome to submit to Visual Verse. To be eligible for publication please ensure your work is:

  • Strictly between 50-500 words, written within one hour (time yourself, we trust you).
  • New writing and written specifically in response to our image.


We will not publish pieces which:

  • are offensive or defamatory in language or sentiment. 
  • promote any form of abuse or predatory behaviour.
  • contain victim-blaming or disturbing/graphic violence, particularly directed towards an individual
  • promote anorexia via fat-shaming or sensory deprivation.
  • could be considered to take the ‘male gaze’ towards women.
  • contain swearing or violence which is out of context.
  • have not been edited. We are not looking for polished pieces – the one hour limitation does not allow for this – but we do expect you to ensure they are the best they can be before submission.


Writers should only submit one piece per month, but in the event of multiple submissions only the first piece will be considered.

Since we currently receive around 150 submissions per month, it is not possible to contact individuals. If your work is selected for publication, it will appear on the site during the month. Submit your writing here >

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Publisher/Curator: Kristen Harrison
Editor-in-Chief: Preti Taneja
Deputy Editor: Lucie Stevens
Editorial Assistants: Luke Larkin and Rithika Nair
Creative Director/Designer: Mr Pete Lewis

Copyright to the works published on this website are held by the respective authors and artists. No part of this website may be reproduced, stored in a retrievable system, or transmitted by any means, electronic, mechanical, or otherwise, without prior written permission of the authors and artists. Please contact individuals for permission.

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We would like to thank our patrons for supporting Visual Verse and for their creative and artistic input in the development of this project.

Bernardine Evaristo
Cathy Galvin
Mark Garry
Andrew Motion
Marc Schlossman
Ali Smith