• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 03
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In dreams, I did traverse…

... the deep sea feeding on mackerel
clouds, herringbones, butter hearts of urchins,
orange blossom anemones, in dreams.

In dreams, I shipwrecked, barnacled;
I foamed and crested with seagulls;
I was the measure of all things, in dreams.

But I reside in a world of coffee
grinders, kettles, bathtubs – a litany
of feet, feet, feet that stamp, dance and

tiptoe across the wooden floor. I am
quotidian, school run, potato peel, waving
hello, waving goodbye. I am

mother, their home address, two hands
that knead and a skirt to run to. Should I
begrudge? Somebody's got my skin,

the one I was born in. In dreams,
in dreams, my husband and children
hold me captive.