• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 01

Ghazal After Flight Winds

After Paul Valéry

The bird’s eye view with the world we must live
though vertigo-height funnels, we must live.

Feathers catch air, the water surrounds
but for an olive branch undrowned, we must live.

Placards hung like plucked from the sky
blurred like a distant sigh, we must live.

Stifled screams from dampened free-fall
Helios melts my feathered shawl, we must live.

Fire-licked and crumbling back to dust,
mud runs through cracks (like rust) we must live.

I held beads, they’re strung lifeless
hand-warm prayers listless, we must live.

Hands shake and eyes blind (for dreaming)
voice hoarse and still—screaming we must live.

Call me Caproni, I dream of soaring flight;
The wind rises, tonight! We must live.