• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 09

Cold Stone Does Not Carry Meaning

A discordant beat        stands between us         in the sunrise,

As we break fast           with the promise        of more to come,

And, as light bends     through the curvature    of last night's spilled wine,

A shrill whistling         adds new melody,         and I lift the kettle

To douse the spirit        in thick black tannins.    

But we came here            to consider             ourselves, and each other

As we all must,                 and, sitting here        we remembered

The joys we shared           when young,             like when we hid

Beneath playground hills    in the long pipe         children loved

To crawl through                to sing to the echoes.

I do.                But this is the past.        And I live here in memory.

I must.                Because you are not here        today and I visit you

To remember             the last time            we saw each other.

It was beautiful        to think it would last         forever,

But it couldn’t.


Cold Stone Does Not Carry Meaning

Now, today,        the weather is like it was,    and I came here to tell you

I visited your grave         yesterday.            It was well tended,

And I left you flowers,    not that you needed more,    but the cold stone,

Your mother chose        does not carry meaning    the way this place does.

Here, I can remember        how much I loved you.