• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 01

Autumnal Crocuses

it is not the deed that is difficult,
nor the planning of it, but the necessary

silence that follows and ensures
that every thread of the scheme will

tighten into a neat ball of goat twine.
has it yet? how much longer would

you say was needed? how many
hours does the colchicaceae measure?

if it can defeat a platoon of cows – and
the man is not quite as large. I say:

some time before dinner. or perhaps
overnight. it is not the pouring that costs,

nor the stirring, nor the addition of honey.
it is the careful arrangement of mouth,

eye, brow into a blank canvas: I had
no idea. I am just as surprised. should I

send for the doctor now? what would
you like to see? what do innocent girls

look like?