• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 08

A Capture

…welcome stares, more
than a once-over, edges observed once apart,
now put together…the process: selection, curation, cut-
and-paste, and now to frame…
The waiting gaze, the cage, collage
of takeaways, likeness: docile curiosity, the want
to be touched, welcomed
with gentle nuzzling, the surprise
rumble purring, a rare wanting.

Permission to reach, given
not by force. They aren’t poached
from the wilderness, but friendly
if you let them. Hear the hiss,
narrowed eyes, flattened ears,
crouching small…grant
them space. The hiss warns
before a frightened strike.

Listen, you
must listen: this is permission,
not privilege. Even through a photo,
especially through a photo.