• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 12

Your Third Eye

I seek the purpose of
your smiles in your eyes:
the warm brown eyes
creased by lover's laughter
watch me entertain you,
the somersaults I turn
to make you love me;
you let me see the teeth
behind your lips,
bone white and creaturely.
Or your white eyes widening
with surprise, tip your
head sideways to the left,
witnessing my weakness with
a weary Cupid's bow;
they seem to say I'm safe
but I never really know:
your eyes only tolerate
so much before they burst.
Some smiles warn me not to test you,
threaten other faces,
other eyes: the hidden third
I envy most of all
looks inside to my quiddity,
my worth. I don’t know what
you see but it heralds mirth.