• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 05

Your eyes deceive you; everything does

See, I always thought Adrian of Utrecht
Was a man but no, he — she — was in fact
A woman like the one in Rocky, you know?
Stallone all sweat and blood
Face crushed to a pulp by Carl Weathers
Blind and bellowing Adrian! Adrian!

She wasn’t even from Utrecht either
That was just her name like, I dunno
Wendy Stockton or something yes
I know Wikipedia says he — she — was a man
But you can’t trust anything you read online
Peer-reviewed or not, I mean look at Chat GPT

No matter how convincing the words seem
It's only ever a reflection of truth a story
Oil on canvas code aping life inaccurate
Apricots and algorithms impressive yes
But still not real nothing you should trust
I mean basically it’s all a lie every word.