• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 05
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“You Looking At Me?”

"You looking at me?"
    "You looking at me?"
    "Well, I'm the only one here!"

Forgive me for quoting Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver, but I must get about fifty cases like you every day.

I'm aware that I'm undeniably gorgeous and irresistible, but I can't explain how annoyingrepetitiveboring it can be and every day is the same - trust me there is no respite.

People pass by, glance in my direction and then there is the obligatory double take:

  "Look at that."
  "I saw it already."
  "I swear there's been a change."
  "Don't be ridiculous."
  "Last week I went past here and something was different."
  "It's your imagination."

I wish I could play tricks on them; blink my eyes; nod my head; make them wonder.

But I can't.

That would be impossible.

Stuffed animals can't move.

Can't talk.

Can't think.

Can they?