• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 10
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You died this morning

When I was a child
if someone passed over
we moved in like a blanket to cover
and cover for
the spouse who remained.

For he / she was
knocked out
knocked over
unable to do, think, be.

Pills and sleep,
spoon fed.
This was grief to me.

So I sit here now and ponder
in all our connectivity ... interconnectedness
have we become less connected to life
real, true, flesh and blood life?

Our relations and connections offline.
Are they as deeply rooted?
Have we spread ourselves too thin between two dimensions?

It seems now when a spouse is lost
the first thing we do is

upload a photo and write a long text:

"You were my everything ..."

as we sit uncovered at our desk.


You died this morning

What is real
what is not.
In the process who / what have we lost?

I am not judging – who am I to do that?
Just pondering, a bit confused
things are not as they used
to be.

We are not what we used to be, nor our grief.

Connected not disconnected but to what?

"You died this morning, here is a photo of us."