• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 04

You Are Welcome Here

It is only when I close my eyes,
without closing them,
that a soft sheet of rain falls
before me.
There is a seeing through
to the other side of things,
from the hazy, out of focus lens
of the mind’s eye.
I tend to the aperture with
soft, cotton gloves.

Without denying the outer turmoil,
I balance my heart
from this cushioned position,
so that I may eat and not be sick –
so that I may sleep
and not race comets with my thoughts.

This secret garden –
this inner well I return to
to fill up, to mend decaying bricks –
this is not me shutting out the world,
but rather, it is allowing a love
to rise so fiercely,
that the sky cannot possibly fall.


You Are Welcome Here

My arms –
now strong enough
to hold up the sun –
may all who seek
warm rays of light
feel welcomed.