• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 12


To boldly go
to infinity, and then beyond
where no one yet has gone before
to call home still where feelings
sing, where words are rasps
that translate hyper-space
through warp drive engineering
co-pilot to adventure.

Go thoughts, on golden wings —
oh my country, lost this time
beyond the dark horizons —
to count the cost of arrogance,
as strong hearts falter,
as we stumble, fail  —
to stand against the slings
and arrows of false pride, to
yet prevail.

To live, to smile at misfortune and
to persevere towards the dreams,
but mind that they
do not make us their slave,
to laugh, to cry, to try.
Stop all the clocks!  Imagine!
O wonder!  How many
goodly creatures there are here.
As lost in time we wander;
O new world brave
yet has such people in’t.