• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 01

Yesterday I Risked To Die

"hey you down there
buy something from me
if you wanna live today
I've got a lot of good stuff to sell you
– said death to me yesterday
she pulled her skull under the hood
looking round suspiciously –
I've got dreams from a dead corpse
or some bones from a forgotten athlete
or the words that a dead poet lost
you can use them to do something funny
I have some drugs too
but you have such an angel face
that I suppose you would not buy them"

I stood like a tombstone in front of her
she was trying to sell me cheap things
old craps that no one wants
coming from dead people

the siren of a police car cried in the air
the death ran away

"hey death, is today my last day?"

"not today – she screamed –
I need to run from police now
crisis came also for me
so I need some new clients
if you know what I mean
and a good escape from cops"