• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 09
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Wrapping Up the Evidence

The snips of felt and
cut out words from magazines;
the q-tips, wool, and plastic straws
glued around blue crayon marks,
affixed to green construction paper,
would serve her purpose well.
Evidence delivered wrapped in
found material to sow
confusion with eventual
detectives on the case.
The latex gloves had pulled the
child's artwork from
the dumpster right outside
the side door to the school.
The baseball cap had hidden her face in shadow.
Her jacket was reversible from white to gray.
A subway ride to Queens and back
would be enough to cover any tracks
and she had picked this cloudy day with cunning purpose.
The drones would have to scan and hover low enough for anything to be seen.

And now the tape cassette she found
in basement boxes stored for years,
which slowly had absorbed the sound
of whispers from the nearby router
would prove the truth to all the doubters.
After wrapping it in child's craft, she’d vanish.
They would have to save the world without her.