• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 11
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Wrapped in a Sleek Spotted Coat of Power

Weak from the trials of daily life,
I take to the dream world
and become a leopard self,
sleek, lovely, gliding through and between
sky and earth, able to smile at
all around me, trees in disarray.
Even the moon and clouds
the wind swirling all about me
as I pad along,
one paw forward
then another
stepping slowly, stretching out
as I steal along the path
my breath creates in front of me.
I enter into the world  yet remain
apart from the world,
a source of  beauty and power
unto myself.
Knowing I am radiating such, I smile.
When I wake,
this dream will not pass into the
realm of forgotten images
for now I know I am the leopard
and the world cannot vanquish me
for I am  
wrapped in a sleek spotted coat of power.