• Vol. 02
  • Chapter 08
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Work In Progress

The palette was fresh, the canvas was brown and to defile it all was the chief of MOBA. He called himself the "God" ,for lack of a better name. He considered the possibilities; there weren't many shades of grey is all that he could see. A few twirls with the brush, a bored smile and a dip in what seemed to be the lightest of all the grays, some random strokes and he was done. He liked what he saw and titled it "Pax". So , it was called for about an epoch or two. It was soon evident that the monotony of the "Pax" should be brightened with another shade of gray, a few random vertical strokes later , he had the lattice ready. He was at a loss for a suitable title , for "Pax" was no more relevant, this was something loud , begging for attention, almost devouring whatever was left of "Pax". Thus, he named it "Geolu". Things would have remained so for many more eons, but for an epiphany and a madness that saw neat strokes desecrating the supposed purity of "Geolu". This was vulgar, this was horror and yet he smiled, because all he could see was just another shade of gray. He had the perfect title for it - "Rudhira". He seems to be done for now, or so it seems, but then who knows what the symptomatic color blindness may lead to. Until then we can only hope that one day he will find his "Pax".