• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 02
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Words do hurt…

They seep into your mind
Imprinting neurons,
So use each compliment
To cushion every insult,
Protect yourself
With words, educate yourself
Use knowledge,
Argue your own case
Don’t wait for others to

They are lost in their own word maze,
Struggling to escape life’s wounds,
Facing the world, only
When they’ve painted their faces,
When their masks are
Caked into place,
When they're lost
In their construction
Of a painted smile,
Hiding tears, hiding shame

Don’t, don’t take yourself there
It's dark, monsters lurk under beds,
Whispering opinions of
Who? I rest my case,
Those who opine
Are scared, more scared than you,
Will ever be,
Your educated mind
Wraps you in words,


Words do hurt…

Strong words, kind words,
Caring, gentle loving words,
Words which envelop your
Body and soul

Through these you see,
Experience, the world
Eyes wide open
Seeing pain, reflecting love,
Showing a way of being,
Not by saying
But by doing,
Leading quietly,
Encouraging always,
Demonstrating how
To be the best,
You can be.