• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 01
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A college,
a mish-mash of the talent brimming
from every corner and crevice of the world
the congregation,
coming together
and scattering like
a white light from the prism
sacred mouths speaking in the
unborn tongues
the surreal poetry,
language unknown
but piercing hearts and souls

A potpourri of emotions,
a litany of worries and angst written across our faces
still singing songs of beauty
of diversity,
of pain,
of hunger,
this arresting beauty spreads
everywhere through words
the absence of pain
hides the indifference

This diaspora,
a confederacy of poetic hearts
this ebb and flow of thoughts and opinions
flows unrestricted
thoughts always forming
slowly and surely



like the old dilapidated warehouse
ongoing a facelift
a construction,
rebuilding our future from the
broken and crumbled past
we rise through our pain.

This serendipitous convergence
of our aberrant thoughts
rising in our sullen minds
pain is carved out of our
discordant bodies and mind
when our beautiful verses
are our vehicle
to carry the cavalcade of our
resplendent thoughts
bridging the gap
spreading the light

This patchwork of the surreal beauty molded and morphed out of our hope cradled in our trembling hands an alchemy of breath into expression holding the ink of the forgotten city we slowly create, our lost wonderland.