• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 07


I wonder why some birds are black
And some are big and some are small.
I like the ones that sing so sweetly
Crows don't sing. No not at all.

I know from church why we have rainbows
Noah's Ark. A gift from God
But why today can we see two?
Look, one's for me and one's for you.

It's alright Mummy we can stay here
The sun is warm and you can sleep
I wonder why you keep on crying
I wonder why some hills are steep.

Maybe later we can go there
Find an inn and you can play
If we're lucky they will like us
Give us food and let us stay

I wonder why some clouds are fluffy
Some are grey and some are black
I wonder why we left so quickly
And why, oh why, can't we go back?