• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 09
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I see the sun illuminate my body, my heart is soft and hard
I feel the rain cool my brain, embers hot and cold
I hear the wind whisper in my ears, needs verses wants
I have thunder thick skin, water and soil

My hands caress babes and pound a harvest
Nails brittle and dark from food production
My legs have seen a million worms, trodden a million thorns
My back has tasted fire, my spine has a thousand shapes

My hair, my hair I forgot I had

My lips have sung soothing melodies, wailed for sorrow
My teeth have chewed for others, ease their swallow
My tongue spit for blessings, cursed bitter words
My neck has a cobra arch, length for longing

My ears hear before the voice, action before demands
My body wears rags for clothes, cover for shame
My nose smells for health and for poison
My throat chocks on smoke air and of laughter

I am woman, earth, fire, water, air, space.