• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 06
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Wolves in Capes

Clad and masked
in saviour red,
sauntering down from the cross
you nailed yourself to,

Haloing yourself in hoops
they'll jump through
just to be near you.
Behold your golden - child crown!

You've done it all!
High - five a stigmata palm
to those that stoop (rightly - so)
in your shadows.

And as you near the water's edge,
The ripples roar a glitter of applause,
Walk? Ha! You'll run!
Fastest runner in your school!

But then with a fleeting glance,
to guide your footing,
upon the glassy paths
meant to bring you victory

You see the smears
of narky neurosis
across nature's mirrors.
You jump feet first,


Wolves in Capes

Thrashing your soul into oblivion,
you heave yourself,
soused and warped
back to stature,

Spitting the remains
into your clutches,
slicking back your hair,
taking her hand in yours.