• Vol. 02
  • Chapter 02
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Smoked Trout, Old White, Mouse’s Back,
Ammonite, and Purbeck Stone;

Mole’s Breath, Stony Ground, Fawn,
Blackened, Pavilion Grey, Mizzle, Bone;

Pigeon, Skimming Stone, Dead Salmon,
Natural Jute, Pebble, Plummet, Cobblestone;

Fresh Linen, Moonlight, Linden,
Soft Clay, Beach, Mocha, Mushroom;

Parchment, Latte, Magnolia, Oyster, Platinum,
Wheatgrass, Hare, and Winterbloom;

On the Rocks, Smoulder, Steel, Soft Shadow,
Water Chestnut, Sparrow, and Pale Twine;

Bamboo, Cloud Burst, Taupe Suede, Barley Haze,
Pale Biscuit, Mink, Mellow Sage, and Lichen.

Cherry Lush ... beyond imagining!