• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 04
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And just like that

Time is finished
It spins away
Like a spiral of breath
Ploughing us into the air
To be lost.

Just like that

We find ourselves surprised
By how slowly it
Jolted upon us,
The end of things,
The final throes,
The death wish,
The wishing well,
The well wishers.

Like that

Spindle of thread
Climbing down from the rafters
To land on one's shoulder, like
The universe climbing into
The ocean as the night climbs up, like
The last bubble rising from the depths,
Meeting the surface, which opens up
And then is gone.  




Is where we find ourselves,
Right on the edge of things
Looking on, Feeling
Too cool for school
In our leather jackets
With our six packs,
And our 'reality checks'
But really
It's a mere second
We're witnessing.