• Vol. 02
  • Chapter 05
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Wish You Were Here

When asked if they had a plan for retirement, Roy and Arlene just laughed. They didn't have money in the Stock Market, no 401K plans. Did the weekly Lottery tickets count?

But they did have a dream they shared, to find a pink motel, somewhere off the interstate in the middle of nowhere. There would be a pool and lawn flamingos. They would sit on folding chairs while the air conditioner hummed, counting the cars and watching the trucks pass by. Maybe they would have a diner, too, a stop along the way, serving pie and coffee.

The neon sign would read "Stop Here" and they would print up postcards, real nice pictures of the pink motel and the clean, simple rooms, all the beds fresh and inviting. The pool would be shining in the sun, and the plastic flamingos would be joined by a donkey.

All the travelers would write "Wish you were here" on the postcards while they stopped for coffee.