• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 08
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Branches   of my mind shed leaves
find new shapes   forge dead ends open byways
somewhere in the wind
I lost your name
but still I know I love you
I hope you know it too
whoever you are whoever I am

you call me grandda
but have I walked that far...

my life so recently began
I'm dressed for work
attired in my best
togs for my coming wedding day
ring treasured in my pocket —

though my wife
she died giving birth to your mum
and I remember hope and tears
in one rapid cycled day

but who are you...
I had it just then     and now it's gone

you call me grandda
yet granddas appear towards the end
last acts in any man's lifespan
it's hard to understand     I think



I was there from the start
of your time
on earth
though for how long...
I don't know

who you are what is your name

come sit by me
in this moment     the only one we have
let's act daft and play
it doesn't need to be serious
to be meaningful

precious girl
come back     sit by me
please hold my hand
together we can see the sunset
retrieve our underground roots