• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 02

Winter Sunshine

An icy wind tried to bite ungloved hands,
Another day of work ticked off Life’s calendar,
Buses delayed because of melting snow,
Slipping on pavements in unsuitable shoes,
Designed for the office and not inclement weather.
The prospect of an evening of chores in an underheated flat,
Looming like a grim spectre ahead of them.

Street sleepers buried under damp duvets,
Sheltering under archways and frail cardboard homes.
No respite even in a city,
Where sleek cars glided silently along streets,
Glowing with seasonal lights, golden angels and toys
Costing more than a month’s salary.

Heads down, faces hidden by scarves,
Ignoring the carousing of festive workers littering pavements outside pubs,
High on spirits and the illusion of having fun.

Reaching the gates,
Time to take a deep breath,
Windows plastered with a firmament of homemade stars,
Welcoming cheerful chatter from children at the after-school club,
A hum of happiness bursting through the door as it opens,
A small hand reaching out in love,
A solution to Life’s perplexing puzzle,
Transforming an unfriendly world into one filled with light, joy and hope.