• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 07

Windows of my soul/study

Such wisdom in those eyes – penetrating my
trembling psyche – they stare unblinking and focused
On me – I translate kindness but also firmness.

I interpret – Go and put your house and soul in order.
Raise the drawbridge of your mind – locked in and scared.
Beyond all sane reason – sun streams in my newly appointed
study resurrected from its spare room blues – the epicentre

of my sheltered life – protected from stray viral bullets
until the real world assaults me in every outside space or
changed shop – people rationed like wartime but without

the camaraderie – necessary and strict front lines.
Decent foot soldiers obeying instructions from above.
For my wellbeing and for the sake of others.

Unmasked we avoid face-to-face contact as if our lives depended on it and a smile is like manna from heaven.