• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 04
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Will to Dream

My grandson in high school
has taken to poetry.
I tell him its a hard life.
Seeing things.

I'd rather see him making bridges
and rules and programs
than dreams.
But he is too young to know.

Back then, I read my Darwish and Adonis,
I can tell when the sky breaks
in two, on the broken pavement
and which side will go to the sea
Never to return.

But he keeps telling me about
the road not taken, some Frost.
His high school teacher is inspiring
him to make things happen.

I do not know where it will all take us
This wing to dream.
I never knew I would reach this far
When I set out

With a broken bundle and
the next day's dinner in mind.
Today, I cannot go back
Where I came from


Will to Dream

And my little grandchild tells me
It is all right
Once in a while to forget potatoes,
and find the will to dream.