• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 07

Why why

Why? Why? He asked me.
I replied, because the balloons had to burst
That’s how it is
He said: That’s why! That’s why!
In his all innocence

Why? Why? He asked me
With the soil smeared knees and bruises
With his tiny hands around me.
Because the earth is for you to fall down
And you may do so many a time
But remember my child,
Never forget to look at the sky
For the sky is for you to fly.
It’s okay! It’s okay!
He said self consolingly
I said with a kiss in his forehead
It’s okay to fall, as long as you get up
Hug me mama! Hug me!
He said, still in his sadness.
But in his eyes I saw, that he knew
It was okay to fall
As long as you never forget to get up.

Why? Why? he asked me
Standing near an oleander tree
In the pavement of a busy street
Of a scuttling city
In a pale blue dot


Why why

The five golden cocoons scattered through that tree
Were pale that day, the inmates of it long gone.
Because when the right time comes
The butterfly has to break the cocoon
And fly, fly, fly, I replied
That’s why. That’s why, he said
He knew a caterpillar can change into a butterfly
He knew so can he
When the right time comes