• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 02
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Why Mares Have Long Soft Ears

I set my head down to nibble.
My mistress sits streamside
resting against a willow tree,
running her hand
in the water alongside.
Her legs trembled as she
rode me bareback to this,
her favorite thinking place.
We two are as one
when she rides.
Although I have opted for
a taste of the meadow,
Sweet clover, bluets,
I will work my way
slowly back toward
her and the water—
unless I hear her crying.
Then I will stride over
nudge and nuzzle her.
She will pet me,
bury her tear-stained face
in my mane. Our affection
for each other
comforts, heals, us both.

Even though she is behind
me now, I will not miss her
slightest sob—after all,


Why Mares Have Long Soft Ears

needing to hear small sounds,
such is the reason we
mares have long soft ears.