• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 03

Why bother?

Grotesque as it may seem
To eyes not habituated to dream
There are seams within seams
And being is not just about the routine
But a dash of colours
A visualisation of the extensions
That get added as one comes clean
From years of abandonment
Years of suppression
Hiding the stuff inside
Lacking the wherewithal
To let the blast of spring
Flow and bloom
All over into the outside
From what's hidden within

And the rare blossom may yet,
It may be fatal too;
For the one that wears a mask
Must risk having it removed
And once in fullness of things
A spear may pass through the scalp
Decapitated already by scandalizing needs
Which to the eyes of others seem
A transgressive deed
A leeway before a fall
And to the self seems
Like Jesus walking across
Carrying an unmitigated cross


Why bother?

To place the unarmoured self
In instant surrender
Just as you stand
In all your hues
A stump for now
A crucifix for yonder
Carelessly swimming
In a sea of suffering
Lit up like a fuse about to blast
The maleficence of the dark

Always too camp when it
Serves disorder
When a reboot is in order
Why bother?