• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 02
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Why be a Unicorn Anyway?

Who cares you're not a reindeer? 
Coughing glitter in the squinting starlight
  For the odd addled carrot 
In the sour glow of Rudolph's glory.

Who cares you're not a unicorn? 
Unapproachable and arrogant 
Preened in pompous supremacy 
You'd gloat over others 
All that shining and buffing
For no one to really believe in you after all!

Who cares you're not a race horse?
Laden with debt and promise,
Breaking your back for broken homes
Spits and snarls cutting the cheers 
You'd run for.

It's you we see! Wonderful you!
Worn with strength and love
And upon your face
We can trace
An etch-a-sketch of
cheers and tantrums 
Which you carried us through unfazed

And when your load grew heavy 
And your knees did bend and grey
We breathed you back to life


Why be a Unicorn Anyway?

In the mirrored reflections of our hearts,
We see you find yourself
and hold your head up high,
And with shoulders broad 
And fighting breath
You show them who you are.