• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 06
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Who Stole The Digit From 20-3 A.D.

I see a running man – briefcase in hand.
Stealing a digit from a fateful year – one fat ZERO.
Level this playing field and listen and learn.

Why would he want to subtract one quarter
from an ill-fated year – three months to be precise,
prescient, prophetic – like a thief in the daytime.

Perhaps he subtracted the ill-fated Iraq War.
Now considered a mistake – an error of judgement.
Weapons of mass destruction went missing – WHAT.

Or were they ever there or in his briefcase?.
Secreted in the lining along with the missing 0.
The Bush telegraph working overtime – TRUE OR FALSE!

Trapped in the no-mans land of fake news.
Dropped into the black hole of social media.
Losing three months is a walk on the wild side.

I would pay running man to steal three months.
May, June & July 2016 to be precise – a divisive quarter.
A Brexit minus equals A Country united.

I will even carry your briefcase and run beside you.