• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 02
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Who is trapped ?

I close my eyes to see
a vast blue sky,
a clear blue sky.
As I try to focus at the zilch,
up comes a white fluffy haze.
White or Gray or perhaps
only a dot of my rotting imagination.
The blue starts to get darker.
And the White or Gray or whatever it is
begins to get heavier,
assembling itself into a large cloud.
The cloud turns into a duster
and begins to erase
My blue sky,
leaving behind traces of
black and Yellow light.
Light! From where has it
entered in the scene?
It was not there.
I try to switch it off, but
it turns itself into a firefly
and runs away from me,
farther and deeper into
the Blue sky.
As it shines and twinkles,
my sky gets Darker, making
the light more evident.
I don't like this.


Who is trapped ?

I want my blue sky back.
My friendly blue with warm icy clouds.
I will catch you O firefly!
I run behind her with
a bottle in my hand
and stretch my arms out.
Ha! You are trapped.
I laugh with all teeth out
while quickly closing the lid.
The firefly flies hither thither,
only to get smashed by the glass walls.
It looks at me with
pleading eyes.
It is sad on being trapped.
Oh look at those eyes.
They are full of pity for me.
How cute!
No, Wait! What I said?
... full of pity for ME!
Why pitying me?
Its sympathy is making me mad.
In frenzy I take random steps
and get pushed by unknown walls.
With each step I discover the
bars of my Vast sky.
It is blue.