• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 01

Whirled Piece

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen and children, to your personally conducted tour of the world. My name is Captain Birds Eye-View. Feel free to ask questions as we circumnavigate our extraordinary planet. I must first of all apologise for the heavy traffic this morning. Ever since SUN, the Seriously United Nations, lifted the restrictions on air travel last week, we have seen an enormous proliferation of aerial activity - just look around you at the variety of craft. Sadly, one or two travellers appear to have fallen off their vessels, but hopefully their parachutes will open in time to prevent terminal damage. So normally, we would make better progress, but this scramble for air space is, I’m afraid, a new reality. Ever since the 2050 World Health Organisation Forum concluded that the world was now full up, and that the human population was hastily burning up the planet’s oxygen, excess aerial traffic conditions became highly predictable. Anyway, we will travel as quickly as we are able. We have had to make a few adjustments to our tour. Since 95% of the earth’s trees have been destroyed, we are not going over the fabled rainforest in Brazil or the North and South Poles which once boasted ice and polar bears as the main attractions for passengers on our lovely skyboats. So buckle-up and open your eyes to what’s left of our ever-changing world.