• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 05
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Which Way Is Out?

Looking down, my feet planted on the steep ground, slowly getting eaten by rock-filled-green-and-soft-and-bare-grass where men once fought; to stay
Looking down, at the tall forest like pine trees in an open landscape that enemies once filled
Looking down-and-out to where I wish to go. The same place they wished not to go—
“how do I escape this?” — “how do we defeat this?”
Similarly, we are pining for what is best, or better
Two dreams, polar opposites like the North and South Poles
I see the blue glimmering light; So buoyant
They saw the blue glaring light; So harsh
I cannot get out and I do not know why? Did they want to leave too but were stuck?

But I forgot to look up… and so did they