• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 10

wherever we think

a balloon
engulfs the air with images―
pastels sailing like boats
drifting far out on the sea―
needing no harbor
to contain beginning or end

the past waxes and wanes
with the orbits of the moon,
recalling and recombining
in different proportions
the darkness and the light―
together they cover all
the distances worth knowing

all that was now continues
as is and to be, changing
states, like water―vaporizing
and then soaking into
the earth, seeding the seasons
to both flourish and die—

all the clouds lined in silver
rise into the far above and turn
suddenly into thundering fire
that fills every corner
with echo and reverberation―
now the light slants gentle
and rainbowdrops sparkle


wherever we think

with clarity that recalls
the edges of memory―vanishing
into the almost but never quite
lost haze of scattered experience―
intersecting angles
of fear and desire