• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 09

Where Will You Go Lords and Ladies?

I am looking at the news,
from my comfy chair.
In between the wars and human problems;
There are burning lands and flooding villages.
There are dying turtles and falling forests.

They posture, they shout from podiums,
Make promises for Next Year,
the year after,
thirty years time,
Whenever sounds Good
(as long as the coffers are heavy).
As long as the oil wells Pump,
the Votes come in,
the People don't complain
(too much).
Everything's fine.
The Earth is fine,
some folk in lab coats,
working for The Man.
Says it's okay
Don't listen to THEM,
Over There, THEY know nothing.


Where Will You Go Lords and Ladies?

the ice is going faster,
the sea is plastic,
the sky is smog.
Who farm OUR food
But it's Okay,
it's going to be Okay.
They say,
Nothing to worry about Yet.

Might I take the podium?
Just me,
Might I just have a word?
ask one hard question?
Where will you go
when it's too late?
You tell me
No Comment.
Just like I expect.
The Earth is dying
and you Smile,
you Wave.
No comment.