• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 12
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Where Land Meets Sea

White-capped lips
and two eyes, one winking—
a face appears in the green jeweled waters.
To adore the sun is expected,
but the sea longs for the shore.
The sand waits expectantly
for the tide,
like a sea captain’s wife.

In time, the water will envelop
every inch of land—
up until the dark line
of expectation from yesterday.
Land and sea dance with each other—
they flirt.

“I will go as close to the water’s edge
as I dare,”
says the seashell,
not knowing what tumbling twirl adventures
a large wave might take her on.
The act of not daring
means remaining motionless,
while all else moves around her scalloped edges.
If waves encourage great leaps,
then let this emerald sea being
kiss the shore again and again.