• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 04
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When Rage Spills Over

When laws are unjust and policies unfair,
when authorities turn a deaf ear,
you can defy and dare with one bold stare.
When eyes speak the language of rage,
and silence gives voice to courage,
can power crush or force hush
the mute eloquence of resistance?
Can law bulldoze or threat silence
the rumble of dissent and discontent?
When anger bursts and rage explodes,
when they march on and block the roads,
the machinery of fear and coercion
can’t bully into wretched submission
a free man who will speak out his mind
because if he can see, he won’t act blind.
Time testifies and history bears witness
that might can’t quite muzzle the meek,
nor can force fully frighten the weak
(though they may briefly gag or suppress)
Defiance is one big surefire weapon.
So what if it’s a word, gesture or just a look?
So what if there are many or just one?
It does a better job than sword or gun.