• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 11
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When one Door shuts — it stays Shut

Life is always going on somewhere else.
In another town, city or country.
Icarus falls from the sky — stupid, reckless boy.
Straight down in a sunburst — quite unremarkable.

While other eat their cornflakes and moan about the glare.

Oblivious to the news about floods, famine or failure.
Safely bubble wrapped — until one pops loud and clear.
A woman cries when her home is washed clean away.
Her pain trickles through — tear by tear by tear by tear.

While others check the forecast and exhale slowly.

Doors close — windows close — isolation closes in.
Borders close — Countries close — impervious to the Refugee.
The stranger in our midst — his solitariness might infect.

We trap the moment as we descend the staircase.
And hover on the landing — unsure of our welcome,
Our lifeline is in their strong and unfeeling hands.

While texting frantically — LET ME IN!
Because you don't want a corpse on your doorstep.
To walk past and over on your way to somewhere else.