• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 04
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When Monarchs Mistake You For a Tree

A flurry of wings, like snowfall in the summer
soft against your cheeks, your closed lids.
Flutter them open to belong to this world of soft fluttering,
self-created little breezes.

Try not to giggle when they tickle
your ears like soft petals.
Let them lightly roost in the tangles of your hair
and mistake your lips for nectar.

Be shy but not too shy
as they congregate in the nooks of your arms
making you dance a slow wave.

Feel the weight of their weightless steps upon your skin &
keep looking up, towards the blue of sky.

Remember they migrate across continent
four generations strong, don’t mistake their beauty
for weakness.

Let them rest on your breasts, wings closed,
until they wake from warmth
and take flight again.