• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 11
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What We Heard Last Night

We heard the gunshots.

Feet scurried down the stairs,
stomps buried the sound of
war outside for just a moment.

Huddled on the first floor
We hoped to lay flat unnoticed.

Long expected silence
hinted at peace for the night,
Awake we met at the table
A glass of warm Merlot
To calm the nerves

The doorbell dings
Sets of eyes meet in mild terror
Who could it be?
Are you expecting someone?
Who's at the door?
It’s a risk to answer.
One brazen drew closer
Who is it?
No sound, just silence.
Who is there?
No sound, just silence.
They must have given up.


What We Heard Last Night

The sun rises,
And so my need of news and coffee.
I don't think twice to open the door.

At our stoop face down
the sweet lady next door.
She didn’t make it inside
on time for our hunker down party.