• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 02

What Love

what love did you swallow
to lose your legs

and be thrown from the skies,
to swim in these black waters

the one dragon breath
the feet of snakes
flight smoother than the eagle’s
eyes wilder than a lion’s
when fixed on the meat it prepares
to hunt

your powers of travelling
the distance between earth and sky

in disappearing, ephemeral momentum

what soul did you drop
from the whiskers of your benevolence

and let loose the winds on her
for the rains to enter
into her veins, for the clouds to
rage out of her eyes

what love did you let slip
into the ocean of your insatiability

what love has you drowned,
half sized, blue-bloodied


What Love

for even today when thunder strikes
your eyes find light

in that brief vessel of longing,
your body is made conspicuous

and she deeper concealed.