• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 12

What Gives us Life

We are made of limbs that grew in womb water.
We broke out of the womb with all our stretching,
kicking, pointing and poking, the water spilled out before us.

We were born from and with a desire to live and move
and have our being in this world, to dance, to sing, to praise,
to sculpt to build, to frame our lives with amazing grace.

See how we who grew inside our mother’s wombs have become
like misplaced limbs waiting to be lifted up and put into place?
We are all part of a body here, hand, arm, shoulder, foot, leg,
On bent knees we long to be brought to life, to be put together
and prepared to do the work prepared for us in this world.

What gives us life is balanced, front and center
on the chair, living water, without which we cannot
walk, see, dance, breathe, live, move or be in this world.