• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 08

What About the Cats?

You said
that you liked two things in life:
Birds and Dogs.

You said
your love for them was like lighting a match
and flinging it into the dark recesses of the forest.

You said
that then, all the trees would light on fire with a whoosh,
and the flames would swallow the trees
and that the light would show you the scared faces of the animals
As the red flower that was fire consumed them.

But then – you said –
No birds or dogs would be touched by the fire
And you would leave the forest just to them.

That was how much you loved
Birds and Dogs.

I asked you why dogs were in the
You ignored me.

That day, you said you were going to get a bird or a dog.
You said you found a shop called “Bird & Dog Fancier”
Where you would get a
Bird or a Dog

You came back
With a sheepish smile

And a cat in your arms.