• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 11
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Whale Song

The whales sang a long song;
Cetaceans calling to the moon shaped creatures,
That drifted through the sky,
Seeking escape.
The whales had seen it all,
And aeons later would see it all again,
Written in the patterns of the clouds.
The whales had long memories and long stories to tell,
Of the rise and fall of Queendoms,
The poetic dance of astral bodies,
And the expressive blast, flutter and flurry of zephyr.
Generations of marine mammals kept watch,
Kept the faith, their faith, in Gaia.
But the dark clouds are gathering,
Have been gathering for a while now.
They wonder if the stars will slowly start to wink out,
And the bejewelled night sky dissolve into a faded ripped tapestry.
Will there be more of the creatures formed of midnight clouds
Seeking sanctuary?
Like tattered ghosts untethered from their homes.
The whales call out their song,
The long dance moves on,
Whilst the sleepwalking phantoms metamorphize into creatures of temporary joy.