• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 10

we’re not falling out of the sky

Saunter up the ridge, monkey
climb the oak trees, spiderfolk
on the upsides of copses
of birch and conifer down
into nothingness & whispers

the rising scent of meadowsweet.
Loop & bank, float & dive.
I’m swallow, fritillary, Apollo.
I’m Icarus
without the wax.

No flight in cloudland’s ever
the same for a wild white wingless
ride in playful air, pirouette
on poplars, en pointe on a tip-top twig
pluck the topmost plum. Weightless

we’re violet eyed, miraculous
leave golden glow trails across
your toytown, sparkle-fire, flash
finger lasers, cabbage white & crow
we salute you. Free from

commute, congestion, queue
& coercion. Exuberant
in body-turn, limb-twist, salsa
through cumulus, gravity’s a giggle.
Heel flick & upside down hug, slow glide


we’re not falling out of the sky

into a kiss for the pure pleasure
of touch, tickle light, sparkle, tumble.
Free in mid-air, you can’t not watch
our hurl & glide – earthless roisters
all hail the technology of joy.