• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 06
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We’re going on a frog hunt!

Frogs! Here! Last week in the rain
a tiny frog hopped near the drain.
It's skin was horrid - rough and bumpy
spotted dark and nastily lumpy.

It was swimming too in the water
fast and sleek just like an otter.
When it lifted its head to look around,
I crouched near it on the ground.

It swivelled its head in complete surprise.
and stared at me with suspicious eyes.
So I held up my magnifying glass
and asked if I'd be allowed to pass.

I'm not a hunter, frog do not fear
there's no danger at all lurking here.
It's tongue flicked. Oh please do stay
I'd like a friend who wants to play.

I stroked his back, made a wish
then there was a huge wet splish.
The frog leapt out of the little pool
Will you take me with you to school?

I want to learn, to hear the tales
of princesses, kisses and singing whales.
I'm bored just swimming, in this pond.
Of mathematics, biology I'm really fond.

I promised to come back with a net,
with proper equipment we'd be all set.
The frog laughed, whispered low,
I'm really a prince, don't you know?